Saw  Dust

Our Circular Saw mill produces big shavings that are excellent for many applications like, garden walk ways, animal bedding, and compost toilets.  It is 100% free for the taking if you load it yourself.  If we load it with our tractor there is a $10 fee, regardless of if you want 1 scoop or 10 scoops.

Waste Wood

We generate a lot of side wood that is ideal for rustic fences, firewood, and unique trim pieces etc.  Please let us know if you are interested in getting a dump trailer load and we will put you on our list of waste wood customers.

Real Milk Paint

We are official distributors of Real Milk Paint and are happy to help you get started on your next paint job. You can’t beat this top-of-the line, environmentally-friendly line of paints made from milk. Products include Tung Oil, Citrus Solvent, and an array of colors of milk-based wood paint.