low impact logging

Bad Goat Forest Products began in 2005, as a byproduct of Mark Vander Meer’s forestry and soil work through forest restoration projects with his company, Watershed Consulting, LLC*.

Land-owners who hired Mark’s teams for pine beetle thinning projects and urban arborist jobs needed to have those logs removed from their property.  Mark bought a sawmill and began producing beams and dimensional lumber as a side job.

In 2010 Bad Goat established a point of sale at Home Resource, a building re-use center, and then opened a shop and showroom in October 2012 on Missoula’s North Side.  The demand for locally-sourced wood products grows every day and Bad Goat Forest Products strives to add the most value we can to every log in our yard.

*Watershed Consulting began in 1994 and its goal is to provide future generations with natural resources, ecosystems and watersheds that are healthier, more diverse and more resilient than those we inherited.

All Bad Goat wood is sourced from small forest health and restoration projects or from the Missoula urban forest.   Our logs are usually from within Missoula County and rarely travel more than 45 miles to get to our mill.

That’s why we say Our Wood is Good.  

Our pine logs are from small-scale projects, usually to remove trees killed by the mountain pine beetle or hazard trees threatening property.

Our hardwoods typically come from Missoula’s abundant urban forest. We only source wood from foresters and arborist that meet our strict sustainability criteria.