At Bad Goat, we stock a wide variety of slabs. This list represents just a small part of what we have available.



We stock a variety of hardwood slabs. Available species include Silver Maple, Norway Maple, Siberian Elm, Black Locust, Black Walnut, Russian Olive, Horse Chestnut, Apple, and more. We have slabs in all shapes and sizes, and our stock is always changing. Most of our hardwood slabs come from trees which are sustainably harvested from Missoula’s urban forest.

Hardwood slabs are priced according to their quality, size, and character.

What Goes into making Furniture Quality Live Edge Slabs?

We air dry our live edge slabs for up to 3 years to ensure that they are dry and stable.  When our slabs have reached Equilibrium Moisture Content (9.8% in August and 17.6% in December in Missoula, MT) we flatten the slabs on one of our mills before selling them to you.  This ensures that you have a quality product, that is in equilibrium with the moisture in the atmosphere.   Our slabs are often priced by the piece.  Those prices reflect the time and care that is required to get dry, stable, flat live edged slabs.

Many slabs cut to 4 inches thick out of a green log will end up 2 inches or thinner after drying and flattening.  Flattening is the process of re-sawing a piece of wood, and is done to remove the twist from dried slabs.


Past Inventory Examples:


Our Inventory is Constantly Changing. Here are some examples of past inventory.

IMG_1350.JPG Norway Maple

IMG_1352.JPG Black Locust

IMG_1348.JPG Black Walnut


We also stock a variety of softwood slabs. Available species include Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Cottonwood.

Softwood slabs are priced according to the width, thickness, and character of the piece.