Take advantage of our experienced and talented millworkers to mill your logs. You can BYOL (Bring Your Own Logs) or choose logs from our inventory. We will mill the logs to your desired dimensions.  Email us at Badgoatforestproducts@gmail.com with inquiries

Custom milling

Have your own log?
We’ll mill your logs into your desired dimensions for $90/hour.


Custom milling orders

Shopping for wood?  We Carry a large selection of live edge slabs, fence boards, and 1x.  We cut beams and other lumber to order.

Don’t Forget to Check our inventory out at Home Resource, where we sell live edge slabs and fence boards.

Choose from our selection of logs and we’ll mill them to fit the specific dimensions you need for your project.

Be advised that anytime we custom cut lumber from a fresh cut log, the resulting wood will be “green” which is woodworker lingo for Wet.  It takes about 6 months or a dry montana summer to dry 1″ of wood thickness.  If you need dry wood for an upcoming project it is best to choose from our existing dry inventory.  Sometimes the right piece is worth the wait though, and that is when it makes sense to custom cut your own logs, or one of our unique logs.

Despite some companies, Claims to the contrary, timber framing and log building is most often done with green, or partially dried timber.  One exception is beams cut from dead standing trees, or salvaged timbers.  Even Kiln dried timbers are often only partially dried.  Most people just are not willing to wait 3-6 years for timbers to air dry before starting their project. Kiln drying thick timbers is cost prohibitive, and as mentioned above is usually only responsible for partially drying timbers.  At worst kilning a large timber can case harden it and create all kinds of stress in the timber.