Bad Goat Lumber is great for trim, paneling, fencing and siding projects. Our Live Edge Fence boards are a staple of community fence builders, our blue pine lumber makes excellent furniture, feature walls and paneling, our cottonwood is bright elegant and light in weight making it an ideal paneling. We stock our fence boards and 1×6 pine at Home Resource. We can custom cut any size lumber or beam you need from our stock of sustainable locally harvested logs.

Cottonwood paneling and divider at Romaines.

Black Coffee Blue Stained Pine Paneling and shelves.

Blue Stained Pine paneling and trim. Photo: Claire Dibble.


Fence made with our Flitch Cut (live edge) Fence Boards  

Pine Board and Baton Siding and Trim

Attractive use of live-edged boards in this Mixed Species paneling project. Photo: Claire Dibble.

The Inspired Classroom entry features Blue Stained Pine panel and bench.