Our Goal is to provide high quality wood products using timber sourced only from Missoula’s urban forest and local forest restoration projects.  Our mission is to tree-cycle: to create beautiful wood products out of trees from your backyard.

We can take down a hazard tree from your backyard and return it to you as a table, trim, siding, whatever you like.

Every log in our mill comes from the woods of Western Montana, often from within 15 miles. We procure logs from our sister company, Watershed Consulting, specialists in the ecologic restoration of forests and streams and urban arborist services. Our logs only come from small-scale forestry operations that adhere to stringent ecological criteria, which is why we say we only sell good wood.

Our staff

Mark Vander Meer is the founder of Bad Goat Forest Products.  He is a forester and restoration ecologist. As a professional forester and soil ecologist for more than 20 years, Mark has been practicing and mentoring long-term sustainable forest management in Montana and is well qualified to review forest plans and assess project sites. He ensures that the forest work conducted by third-party loggers meets our high standards of sustainability and that the wood harvested is worthy of the Bad Goat name.

Kyle “Lindy” Lind
Lindy is our Sawyer and Mill manager.  He is an experienced log and timber frame builder, Traditional Skills Instructor, logger, and mill operator.  Check out his Website https://www.wildernesshandworker.com/

Our Partners

NC Woodworks- Custom woodworking, carpentry, and other building projects – 928-380-6899


Bad Goat Forest Products is an umbrella organization using good local wood to connect clients to local wood-working talent.  We can find the right contractor for your project.

Contact or visit us:

1301 Scott Street, Suite B
Missoula, MT 59802


Hours of Operation:

Very With the Season,  Please Email to Set up an appointment or to inquire about our open hours in the coming days and weeks.  Keeping the mill going often requires field work to harvest and transport logs.


Mailing address:
Bad Goat Forest Products LLC
P.O. Box 16781
Missoula, MT 59808