Custom built Timber Frame and Log Shelters, Structures, and Furniture

  Photos: Patrick Record.

Sauna made onsite from wood on property Learn more. Photo: Patrick Record.

Braverman Construction ~ Photo: Patrick Record

Built by Braverman Construction and Jack Rowan from locally-sourced pine.

Back of sauna (shown above). Learn more. Photo: Patrick Record.

This beautiful potting shed was made from local pine for the University of Montana.

Fort Missoula kiosk built with pine beams. Photo: Patrick Record

Forge shelter by Braverman Construction and Coleman Construction.

Custom shed built for a kiln by Braverman Construction. Photo: Patrick Record.

Backyard fort and storage areas. Photo: Patrick Record.

This multi-use shelter was created with local pine by Braverman Construction.

Kiosk with covering for Mt. Jumbo trailhead. Photo: Patrick Record.

Storage shed (shown above). Photo: Patrick Record.