Have you always wanted to work at a sawmill? Are you looking for an opportunity to learn about wood and the Missoula building industry by working with an awesome local business? This is a great opportunity to come join our team, apply today!

Job Opening: Mill Foreman

Bad Goat is hiring a new mill foreman. We are looking for someone to take over managing our operation, milling and selling wood on a small local scale, producing high quality wood products from local and sustainably harvested trees, and working to enrich the Missoula community by providing these building materials at an affordable price. We are a small business in Missoula that sells custom lumber and slabs, as well as various other wood products.

Job Description: The job of the mill foreman is to manage to the overall operation, including wood production, customer relations, marketing, and other employees and partners. Specific tasks include milling, customer service/retail, maintaining site organization, coordinating equipment maintenance, and managing mill assistant’s schedules and workflow.
Requirements: We are looking for someone who is capable, responsible, and hardworking. Must be self-motivated, independent, and a good leader. Specifically, we are looking for someone who has experience with small sawmill, tractor, and chainsaw operation, as well as some carpentry/woodworking skills. Marketing experience and/or mechanic skills are a big plus. Must be strong and able to lift heavy weights.

This is a great job, a mix of careful thought and hard physical work. It provides lots of opportunities to learn about milling and wood, as well as about business management.

Job is full-time during the summer, and part-time during winter

Resumes can be sent in by email, or dropped off in person at the mill at 1301 Scott St., weekdays 9-5