It’s been a long and cold winter here in Missoula, but it’s starting to seem like spring might finally be here, and we’re working hard to get ready.

This winter has been a good one for us. We’ve spent most of our time running the mill, cutting lumber for the coming building season. We’ve also been busy with a variety of custom projects, from live edge slab tables to light fixtures, and everything in between. Lots of our slabs have become part of beautiful building projects all over the region.

This spring, we’re ready to get you the wood need for all your building projects. As always, we stock rough-sawn boards, fence posts, fence boards, and slabs. We’ve been working closely with forest restoration jobs in the area to source sustainably harvested timber this winter, and have been working hard milling it into high quality lumber.

Our lumber stacks are getting taller by the day. Boards are dry and ready to go. Beautiful and unique live edge slabs are available in all shapes and sizes.

As a small local business, we take pride in working closely with each of our customers, to get you the products and services that you need. We firmly believe that having high quality, locally and sustainably sourced wood products available in Missoula at an affordable price is an asset to our community, and this is why we do what we do.

Come by the mill this spring and we’ll help you get started on your next project!